Why was the NCPB moved to an online event?
Uncertainty within the District of Columbia regarding restrictions related to COVID dictated that we could no longer hold an in-person event of this size.

What is the date for the online NCPB?
The same: Wednesday, September 23, 2020

What is the cost to participate in the online NCPB?
The event is being offered free of charge. However, pre-registration is required in order to receive the viewing link. 

I already have tickets/made reservations for the in-person event – what are my options?
1. You can donate your reservation – this will help offset expenses for the online event, and your donation will be considered a charitable contribution. 
2. You can ask for a refund. 

Will there be an in-person event in 2021? Can’t I just forward my paid registration to next year?
We are already in the process of confirming a Spring 2021 date for an in-person event. However, we are not offering a “forward my registration” option. 

What is the deadline to make a decision?
All currently registered guests must make a decision by August 28, 2020. No refunds will be offered after this date.

How do I let the NCPB know what I want to do with my current registration?
All guests will be emailed information and asked to fill out a simple reply form here.

Is the online NCPB program going to be the same as the in-person event?
Please see the Details page for complete event information. 

Are there sponsorship options for the online event? 
Yes. Please see the Sponsorship page for more information.

Will the online event be a giant “Zoom” call?
No! A professional digital production firm will present the event, featuring a mix of live and pre-taped elements. Attendees will only view/listen to the online program. Attendee personal information (name, etc) will not be shown. 

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